About us

How it begun

It all started in 2015 when we and my family agreed to buy a new four-legged family member. Because it was our first dog, our ideas of his nature were almost clear. We wanted a quiet partner, suitable for a family house, ideal for traveling, which can manage an active holiday in the mountains and a calm holiday at the water, in short a flexible dog. A lot of experienced dog breeders recommended us the Labrador Retriever. That’s why we chose this breed in brown colour and we must admit that it was a black hit. This is an amazing breed not only for beginners and this dog is 100% ideal for us. It is breathtaking how this four-legged hairy friend, in our case a female friend, can perceive our feelings and is able to discern our mood. That is why it was easy for us to come up with the name of our breeding kennel „Chocolate soulmate“. The truth is, we can’t imagine life without a dog today.

Our first Labrador

Our Addi is exactly what we wanted. She is calm, friendly to people, loves children, cuddles and is playful. She likes travelling and adapting to any environment. Her strength is learning, so she can learn almost anything in a very short time. We are engaged in many activities together. The main ones include the field trial. We participate in exhibitions and have already received a number of awards and prizes. For fun we do agility, dogdancing, dogfitness and we sometimes practice our head with an interactive toy. We love Addi for her perseverance and for wanting to fulfill almost everything she sees in our eyes. We must say that we are very proud of her and we are happy that our life is not only a bit better with our dog

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